Prevent Diabetes Central Oregon

“I knew it was time for me to make a commitment. I had battled cancer and I was looking for ways to avoid a sequel or a ‘2nd act’. I know nutrition is so important. What I didn’t realize was how much I was going to learn about how to be a healthier eater. I’m already a plant based eater but I didn’t know the fats that correlate to sugar. It was great to meet such a diverse cross section of people interested in improving their health and learning about how to prevent diabetes. I think the long term change is that I’m more mindful about what I’m eating and I’m kinder to myself when I flub up. I realize that beating myself up and not loving myself the way I am at this moment only perpetuates unhealthy eating in the long run. The workshop was super helpful and made me mindful about what I’m going to eat.”

Katy in Sisters

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“I had just reached a time when I wanted to do something about my health and I read about the workshop in the Central Oregonian. I had retired from my job as a medical technologist and no longer had to take care of my mother, so I finally had time to do it. My sister and I did it together because our mom’s dad had diabetes and our dad and brother were diagnosed with it too. I also wanted to lose weight. The workshop got me in the habit of checking my weight every day and being aware of my calories and that encouraged me to eat healthier and join a gym. It was worth the commitment. I felt good and I was much happier. Everyone was friendly and there were several people from my church that were in the same program and we got to know those people better.”

Judy in Prineville

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                  “I felt like sweets were killing me but I’ve always struggled with cutting out sugar. I have a whole family of diabetes and a brother on dialysis, so when I saw the workshop that said ‘prevention’ it drew me in. I’m meat and potatoes and a real ice cream dessert guy. I learned so much from the workshop. I was the only guy in the class and I didn’t have a clue about calories. Hearing other people’s struggles with weight was huge to me. Most of the women were around my age and I think a lot of women have been looking at calories their whole lives. I never knew how many calories are in a piece of pizza. The workshop helped me cut my sugar intake in half. I also cut out soda pop. I learned that daily tracking is huge.”

Chuck in Sisters

Living Well Central Oregon

The Living Well class was a great experience for me. I really enjoyed the connections I made with the other folks in the class. And beyond that I learned skills I use on a regular basis. The modified pro con list and weekly goal setting activities are things I still do today with my accountabili-buddy who took that class with me. Highly recommend this class!!!

Kate in Powell Butte

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