Frequently Asked Questions

Living Well

What will I learn in the workshop?

Topics covered:

  • Managing symptoms
  • Use medication properly
  • Working with your health care team
  • Weekly goal setting
  • Problem solving
  • Better communication
  • How to deal with stress
  • Handling hard emotions
  • Tips for eating well
  • Safe, easy exercise

How long are the workshops?

Workshops run six-weeks and meet 2½ hours each week.

Who should attend?

Anyone living with chronic health conditions, including diabetes, arthritis, asthma, pain, anxiety and depression. Family members and friends are welcome.

How will the workshop help?

You’ll learn skills to manage your chronic condition. When you can take care of your condition, you have more control in your life.

Who leads the workshop?

Two trained leaders. All leaders have personal experience with a chronic condition.

What is the cost?

The Living Well Central Oregon program charges $10 for the entire 6 weeks. If you can’t afford it, we will waive the fee.

Does the program replace my treatments?

No. Living Well helps people get more out of their medical treatments. You will learn how to take care of your condition outside of the doctor’s office. You will also learn how to get more out of your doctor’s visits. Many people have more than one condition, and more than one kind of doctor. Living Well helps you figure out how keep track of your health AND your health care.

How was the program developed?

The program was developed at Stanford University in 1996. It has been tested and studied for many years. The research shows that it can help people with chronic conditions in many ways.

Research found these benefits for people who take the program:

  • improvements in exercise
  • symptom management
  • communication with doctors
  • overall health
  • less fatigue
  • less disability
  • able to take part in more social activities
  • spent fewer days in the hospital
  • fewer doctors visits
  • fewer hospitalizations overall

How do I register?

Please fill out the interest form and we will contact you!

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